Firm History

The law firm of O’Malley, Harris, Durkin & Perry, P.C. traces its history to a partnership that began in 1932.  In that year, Norman Harris and Henry Nogi began practicing together as Nogi and Harris.  In 1936, Henry’s brother Eugene joined them and the firm became known as Nogi, Harris & Nogi.  During World War II, Norman Harris developed a friendship with Russell O’Malley while they were both employed by the office of the Price Administration.  As a result of that friendship, on January 1, 1944 Russell O’Malley accepted an offer to become a partner in the new firm of Nogi, O’Malley & Harris.  The friendship of these four men and their association with the firm lasted until their respective deaths.

Out of deference to their predecessors, the partners at O’Malley, Harris, Durkin & Perry have opted to retain the names of Messrs. O’Malley & Harris and continue the tradition of excellence that epitomized their lives.  Russell O’Malley, Sr. was active in Bar Association activities on both the local and state levels and was honored as having been elected as President of both the Pennsylvania Bar Association and the Lackawanna Bar Association.  Norman Harris specialized in corporate law and corporate and individual tax planning.  Anyone who knew these men would agree that they were both true gentlemen in every sense of the word.

The law firm of O’Malley, Harris, Durkin & Perry, P.C. was incorporated in 1970 under the name of O’Malley & Harris, P.C.  The name of the firm was changed to O’Malley, Harris, Durkin & Perry, P.C. in 2001 to provide recognition of some of the active partners.  The attorneys of O’Malley, Harris, Durkin & Perry, P.C. specialize in many areas of law including: automobile, medical malpractice, health care, toxic tort, fire, product liability, ERISA, worker’s compensation, employment law, bankruptcy, banking and commercial litigation, real estate, wills, estates, trusts, elder law, domestic relations; divorce, custody and support, Social Security disability.

O’Malley, Harris, Durkin & Perry, P.C. represents clients in all counties of Northeastern and North Central Pennsylvania.  The president of the firm is John Q. Durkin. Michael P. Perry is Managing Partner.